How to Get Involved

MOLL-Y is primarily an evangelical tool, an opportunity to spread the word of God through an innovative means of communication, ironically dragging people away from their smart phones, away from their work stations, computers and out into the market place, the country side, into nature and into peoples lives. It is for me a massive undertaking and one that could expand exponentially and infinitely. Where does learning end and when is the accumulation of knowledge complete?

To study the Bible, to learn and understand its meaning is best done with other people and so you are invited to get involved in whatever way you feel best.

Here are a few possibilities;

For individuals;

  • Pick a route, go for a walk, use the way-points as markers and stop once in a while to check the references then stop and contemplate the subject matter for a moment. Perhaps you could take someone with you and use the opportunity to discuss the relevance of each story in your own lives. Or just meditate in silence for a moment.
  • Take a photo! Many of mine are very badly composed and could do with being replaced. Get in touch and see what is needed.
  • Walk, run or cycle each route and let me know how long it takes. Finding the time to confirm my own estimates is not easy and it might be just the thing to get you active and out of the house.
  • Send in your suggestions for improving the routes and waypoints.
  • Check the accuracy of quotes taken from the bible (I am using the NRSV Anglicized Catholic Bible) and feel free to make suggestions regarding the most appropriate text to be used.
  • Just get in touch and start a conversation whether you want to be controversial or not.

For Businesses and Institutions Featured on MOLL-Y;

  • What about linking your business web site to the relevant image and advertising your services through MOLL-Y. (I have not yet done this but an arrangement could be made through the design company for a very small annual fee).
  • For churches and charities featured on MOLL-Y routes please get in contact about making possible links to advertise opening times, services and weekly news updates. These services would normally remain free of charge.
  • Why not encourage the participation of visitors to the MOLL-Y site and people exploring the routes to stop off and participate in your advertised activities.

For Donors;

  • I am an evangelist trapped in an aid worker's body! In other words I need the work overseas to fund my children's education and to maintain the most basic of lifestyles but if I could earn enough to concentrate entirely on developing this web site and my tour operations I would. Alternatively if  you are a rich philanthropist and have the funds available and would like to sponsor this activity on an annual basis then please do get in touch.

Fellow Evangelists;

  • Please feel free to copy the format of this web site in your own home town or country and don't worry about copyright or the like. I am happy to encourage as many people as possible to take up this idea and to utilise it in the name of spreading the message. I can easily put you in touch with the web site designer who can simplify the process and can assist - for a charge no doubt!

Students and Learners;

  • Feel free to use this web site and the 'method of loci' idea to learn anything else you might have to commit to memory. Anything in the form of a list lends itself to the method.