114 Suras of the Koran

The Quran is considered sacred by all Muslims and is the cornerstone of the Islamic faith, law, and practice. It is thought to be the actual ‘Word of God’ as revealed to Muhammad over a period of 23 years. It was revealed to the Prophet in the Arabic language between 610 and 632 CE. These divine revelations were given to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel, who appeared to him in numerous visions and auditions. They were written down by Muhammad's companions and followers and were later compiled into a single book after his death. The Book itself is composed of 114 chapters or surahs, which are further divided into 'verses or ayahs'. Each surah is named after a unique word or phrase that appears within the text. The chapters are arranged in descending order of length, with the longest chapter being the second chapter or Surah Al-Baqarah, which contains 286 verses, and the shortest chapter being the 108th chapter or Surah Al-Kawthar, which contains only three verses.

As with the Jewish Bible and the Christian Gospels, the Quran addresses a wide range of topics, including the nature of God, the creation of the universe, the purpose of human existence, the principles of morality, and the laws of society. It also contains stories of prophets and their struggles with the challenges of life. It provides invaluable lessons on how to lead a virtuous and fulfilling life. It has also played a significant role in shaping the history and culture of the Islamic world and further afield. Its teachings have inspired countless individuals throughout history to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. In addition, the Quran has been a source of inspiration for Islamic art and literature, with many works of poetry and literature being based on its themes and stories.

The Quran has also been the subject of much scholarly debate and analysis over the centuries. Islamic scholars have developed a number of disciplines to study the Quran, including tafsir, hadith, and fiqh. These disciplines have helped to preserve and interpret the Quranic text, ensuring that its message remains relevant to modern times. Consequently, the Quran is not only relevant to Muslims but also to people of other faiths and those interested in understanding Islam. Its message of unity, compassion, and social justice has resonated with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

I was so pleased to see there were exactly 114 football teams in the four English leagues and top two Scottish leagues. What a wonderful route to follow and use to memorise at least, the main titles of each of the Surah's. Join me on this trip of a lifetime!



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سورة الفاتحة

Surah 1; Al-Fatihah


Plymouth Argyle FC


The Opener

سورة البقرة

Surah 2; Al-Baqarah


Exeter City FC


The Calf

سورة آل عِمران

Surah 3; Ali 'Imran


Bournemouth AFC


Family of Imran

سورة النِساء

Surah 4; An-Nisa


Southampton FC


The Women

سورة المائدة

Surah 5; Al-Ma'idah


Portsmouth FC


The Table Spread

سورة الأنعام

Surah 6; Al-An'am

Brighton_ 26_Hove_Albion_logo

Brighton & Hove Albion FC


The Cattle

سورة الأعراف

Surah 7; Al-A'raf


Crawley Town FC


The Heights

سورة الأنفال

Surah 8; Al-Anfal


Gillingham FC


The Spoils of War

سورة التوبة

Surah 9; At-Tawbah


Charlton Athletic FC


The Repentance

سورة يونس

Surah 10; Yunus


Millwall FC


Jonah (The Prophet)


سورة هود

Surah 11; Hud

Crystal Palace resized

Crystal Palace FC


 Hud (The Prophet)

سورة الرعد

Surah 12; Yusuf

Sutton United FC Logo

Sutton United FC


Joseph the Prophet

سورة الرعد

Surah 13; Ar-Ra'd

Wimbledon FC resized

AFC Wimbledon 


The Thunder

سورة إبراهيم

Surah 14; Ibrahim


Reading FC


Abraham (The Patriarch & Prophet)


سورة الحجر

Surah 15; Al-Hijr


Swindon Town FC


The Rocky Tract

In Arabic

Surah 16 - An-Nahl

Forest Green Rovers FC Logo

Forest Green Rovers FC


The Bee

سورة الإسراء

Surah 17; Al-Isra


Bristol Rovers FC


The Night Journey

سورة الكهف

Surah 18; Al-Kahf


Bristol City FC


The Cave

سورة مريم

Surah 19; Maryam


Newport County FC


Mary (the mother of Jesus)

سورة طه

Surah 20; Ta-Ha


Cardiff City FC




Surah 21; Al-Anbiya


Swansea City FC


The Prophets


سورة الحج

Surah 22; Al-Hajj


Cheltenham Town FC


The Pilgrimage

سورة المؤمنون

Surah 23; Al-Mu'minum


Oxford United FC


The Believers

سورة النور

Surah 24; An-Nur


Wycombe Wanderers FC


The Light

سورة الفُرقان

Surah 25; Al-Furqan


Brentford FC


The Criterion

سورة الشعراء

Surah 26; Ash Shu'ara


Queens Park Rangers FC


The Poets

سورة النمل

Surah 27; An-Naml


Fulham FC


The Ant

سورة القصاص

Surah 28; Al-Qasas


Chelsea FC


The Stories

سورة العنكبوت

Surah 29; Al-Ankabut


Arsenal FC


The Spider

سورة الروم

Surah 30; Ar-Rum


Tottenham Hotspur FC



سورة لقمان

Surah 31; Luqmaan


Leyton Orient FC


Luqman (A Sage)

سورة السجدة

Surah 32; As-Sajdah


West Ham United FC


Prostration, Worship & Adoration

سورة الأحزاب

Surah 33; Al-Ahzaab


Colchester United FC


The Clans

سورة سبأ

Surah 34; Saba


Ipswich Town FC



سورة فاطر

Surah 35; Faatir


Norwich City FC


The Originator

سورة ياسين

Surah 36; Ya-Sin


Peterborough United FC


Ya-Sin (A Name of Mohammed)

سورة الصافات

Surah 37; As-Saaffaat


Cambridge United FC


Drawn up in Ranks

سورة صاد

Surah 38; Saad


Stevenage FC


Saad (The Letter Saad)

سورة الزمر

Surah 39; Az-Zumar


Watford FC


The Crowds

سورة غافر

Surah 40; Ghafir


Luton Town FC


The Forgiver

In Arabic

Surah 41; Fussilat


Milton Keynes Dons FC


Explained in Detail

In Arabic

Surah 42; Ash-Shura


Northampton Town FC


The Consultation

In Arabic

Surah 43; Az-Zukhruf


Leicester City FC


The Ornaments of Gold

In Arabic

Surah 44; Ad-Dukhaan

Coventry City F.C. logo

Coventry City FC


The Smoke

In Arabic

Surah 45; Al-Jaathiyah

Birmingham City Logo

Birmingham City FC


The Kneeling Down

In Arabic

Surah 46; Al-Ahqaaf

Aston Villa Logo

Aston Villa FC


The Sand Dunes

In Arabic

Surah 47; Muhammad

West Bromwich Albion Logo

West Bromwich Albion FC



In Arabic

Surah 48; Al-Fath

Walsall FC Logo

Walsall FC


The Victory

In Arabic

Surah 49; Al-Hujuraat

Wolverhampton Wanderers logo

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC


The Inner Apartments

In Arabic

Surah 50; Qaaf

Shrewsbury Town F.C. logo

Shrewsbury Town FC


The Letter Qaf

In Arabic

Surah 51; Adh-Dhaariyaat

Crewe Alexandra Logo

Crewe Alexandria FC


The Scattering Winds

In Arabic

Surah 52; At-Toor


Port Vale FC


Mount Sinai

In Arabic

Surah 53; An-Najm

Stoke City FC Logo

Stoke City FC


The Star

In Arabic

Surah 54; Al-Qamar

Burton Albion FC logo

Burton Albion FC


The Moon

In Arabic

Surah 55; Ar-Rahman

Derby County FC logo

Derby County FC


The Most Merciful

In Arabic

Surah 56; Al-Waqi'a

Mansfield Town FC Logo

Mansfield Town FC


That Which Must Come to Pass

In Arabic

Surah 57; Al-Hadeed

Nottingham Forest FC logo

Nottingham Forrest FC


The Iron

In Arabic

Surah 58; Al-Mujadilah

Lincoln City FC Logo

Lincoln City FC


The Pleading Woman

In Arabic

Surah 59; Al-Hashr

Scunthorpe United FC Logo

Scunthorpe United FC


The Gathering

In Arabic

Surah 60; Al-Mumtahanah

Hull City A.F.C Logo

Hull City FC


She That is to Be Examined

In Arabic

Surah 61; As-Saff

Doncaster Rovers FC Logo

Doncaster Rovers FC


Battle Array

In Arabic

Surah 62; Al-Jumu'ah

Barnsley FC Logo

Barnsley FC


Friday Congregational

In Arabic

Surah 63; Al-Munafiqoon

Rotherham United FC

Rotherham United FC


The Hypocrites

In Arabic

Surah 64; At-Taghabun

Sheffield Wednesday Logo

Sheffield Wednesday FC


The Mutual Loss and Gain

In Arabic

Surah 65; At-Talaq

Sheffield United logo

Sheffield United FC



In Arabic

Surah 66; At-Tahreem

Tranmere Rovers Logo

Tranmere Rovers


The Prohibition

In Arabic

Surah 67; Al-Mulk

Macclesfield Town Logo

Liverpool FC


The Dominion, Sovereignty & Control

In Arabic

Surah 68; Al-Qalam

Everton FC Logo

Everton FC


The Pen

In Arabic

Surah 69; Al-Haaqqa

Wigan Athletic logo

Wigan Athletics FC


The Laying Bare of the Truth

In Arabic

Surah 70; Al-Ma'aarij

Bolton Wanderers FC logo

Bolton Wanderers FC


The Ascending Stairways

In Arabic

Surah 71; Nuh

Salford FC Logo

Salford City FC



In Arabic

Surah 72; Al-Jinn

Manchester United Logo

Manchester United FC


The Spirits

In Arabic

Surah 73; Al-Muzzammil

Manchester City Logo

Manchester City FC


The Enshrouded One

In Arabic

Surah 74; Al-Muddaththir

Oldham Athletic Logo

Oldham Athletic FC


The Man Wearing a Cloak

In Arabic

Surah 75; Al-Qiyamah

Rochdale AFC Logo

Rochdale FC


The Day of Resurrection

In Arabic

Surah 76; Al-Insaan

Huddersfield Town FC

Huddersfield FC


The Human, Man

In Arabic

Surah 77; Al-Mursalaat

Leeds United

Leeds United FC


The Emissaries

In Arabic

Surah 78; An-Naba

Bradford City

Bradford City FC


The Great News

In Arabic

Surah 79; An Naazi'aat

Burnley FC Logo

Burnley  FC


Soul Snatchers

In Arabic

Surah 80; Abasa

Accrington Stanley Logo

Accrington Stanley FC


He Frowned

In Arabic

Surah 81; At-Takweer

Blackburn FC Logo

Blackburn FC


Shrouded in Darkness

In Arabic

Surah 82; Al-Infitar

Preston North End Logo

Preston North End FC


The Cleaving Asunder

In Arabic

Surah 83; Al-Mutaffifeen

Blackpool FC Logo

Blackpool FC


The Cheats

In Arabic

Surah 84; Al-Inshiqaaq

Fleetwood FC Logo

Fleetwood Town


Splitting Open

In Arabic

Surah 85; Al-Burooj

Morecambe FC Logo

Morecambe FC

The Great Constellations

In Arabic

Surah 86; At-Taariq

Barrow FC Logo

Barrow AFC

The Nightcomer

In Arabic

Surah 87; Al-A'la

Carlisle FC Logo

Carlise United FC


The Most High

In Arabic

Surah 88; Al-Ghaashiyah

Newcastle United Logo

Newcastle United FC

The Overshadowing Event

In Arabic

Surah 89; Al-Fajr

sunderland FC Logo

Sunderland FC

The Break of Day

In Arabic

Surah 90; Al-Balad

Hartlepool United FC Logo

Hartlepool United FC


The City

In Arabic

Surah 91; Ash-Shams

Middlesbrough FC Logo

Middlesborough  FC

The Sun

In Arabic

Surah 92; Al-Layl

Harrogate Town AFC Logo

Harrogate Town FC

The Night

In Arabic

Surah 93; Ad-Dhuha

Ross County FC

Ross County


Translation TBA

In Arabic

Surah 94; Ash-Sharh

Inverness Logo

Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC


The Opening Up of the Heart

In Arabic

Surah 97; Al-Qadr

Dundee United Logo

Dundee United FC

  The Night of Honour

In Arabic

Surah 100; Al-'Aadiyat

Raith Rovers Logo

Raith Rovers FC


The War Horse

In Arabic

Surah 103; Al-Asr

Hearts FC Logo

Heart of Midlothian FC


The Epoch

In Arabic

Surah 106; Quraish

Hamilton Academical FC

Hamilton Academical FC


The Quraysh

In Arabic

Surah 109; Al-Kaafiroon

Greenock Morton FC Logo

Greenock Morton FC

  The Disbelievers

In Arabic

Surah 112; Al-Ikhlas

kilmarnock FC Logo

Kilmarnock FC

  The Fidelity

In Arabic

Surah 95; At-Tin

Aberdeen FC Logo

Aberdeen FC


The Fig Tree

In Arabic

Surah 98; Al-Bayyinah

Dundee FC Logo

Dundee FC


The Clear Evidence

In Arabic

Surah 101; Al-Qaari'ah

Dunfermline Athletic FC Logo

Dunfermline Athletic FC


The Sudden Calamity

In Arabic

Surah 104; Al Humazah

Livingstone FC Logo

Livingstone FC


The Gossip-mongerer

In Arabic

Surah 107; Al-Maa-oon

Celtic FC Logo

Celtic FC


Small Kindnesses

In Arabic

Surah 110; An-Nasr

St Mirren FC Logo

St Mirren FC


Divine Support

In Arabic

Surah 113; Al-Falak

Ayr United FC Logo

Ayr United FC


The Rising Dawn

In Arabic

Surah 96; Al-Alaq

Arbroath FC

Arbroath Football Club


The Clot of Blood

In Arabic

Surah 99; Az-Zalzalah

St Johnstone FC Logo

St Johnstone FC

The Earthquake

In Arabic

Surah 102; At-Thakaathur

Hibernian Logo

Hibernian FC


Greed for More and More

In Arabic

Surah 105; Al-Feel

Motherwell FC Logo

Motherwell FC

The Elephant

In Arabic

Surah 108; Al-Kawthar

Partick Thistle FC Logo

Partick Thistle FC

Good in Abundance

In Arabic

Surah 111; Al-Masad

Rangers FC Logo

Rangers FC


The Plaited Rope

In Arabic

Surah 114; An-Naas

Queen of the South FC Logo

Queen of the South FC